What to Expect…

...from the Junior Cycle at Villiers School

Junior Cycle is a three year programme in the Irish education system, which begins in Form I (when students are 12 years old) and culminates in state examinations at the end of Form III (when students are usually 15 years old). Form I-III are the equivalent of Grade 7-9 (US) or Year 8-10 (UK).

The principles underpinning learning at Junior Cycle include 24 Statements of Learning and 8 Key Skills. These are embedded in student learning in and across all subjects as well as in the other learning activities in school.

Each subject is assessed using both project work, and terminal examination. The projects are carried out through Classroom Based Assessments, which are more colloquially called ‘CBAs’. A CBA can be a written piece, a presentation, or an activity or event which students organise.  In most subjects, CBA 1 is completed in Form II, with CBA 2 completed in Form III.

The result of these CBAs will be listed on the new ‘Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement’, which is a comprehensive statement of results and participation awarded on completion of the Junior Cycle Programme.

While students may choose to sit Irish & Maths at Higher Level or Ordinary Level, all other subjects are taught and examined at a Common Level.

Grading at Junior Cycle is by ‘descriptors of achievement’ rather than grades to reflect a student’s performance (see table below).

≥ 90 to 100%Distinction
≥ 75 and < 90%Higher Merit
≥ 55 and < 75%Merit
≥ 40 and < 55%Achieved
≥ 20 and < 40%Partially Achieved
≥ 0 and < 20%Not Graded

Junior Cycle Subjects in Villiers School

At Villiers, Junior students study eight core subjects, and choose two optional subjects, in addition to engaging in a wellbeing programme, which is central to non-examinable subjects, such as C.S.P.E., S.P.H.E., Digital Wellbeing & Media Literacy, and Physical Education (P.E.).

Ten academic subjects are examined at the end of Form III.  The results of these will appear on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement, along with CBA outcomes and a report on the student’s engagement with co- and extra-curricular activities within the programme.

Clicking on a subject below will open a new window to an external page containing further information about that subject. This information is provided by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA).

Core Subjects

Choice Subjects

Wellbeing Subjects

Learn more about the Junior Cycle here: https://www.villiers-school.com/junior-cycle/

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