TY Curriculum

Transition Year is a one-year programme, in Form IV, which acts as a bridge between the teacher-led type of learning associated with Junior Cycle and the more independent learning environment associated with Senior Cycle.

While Transition Year is optional in some Irish schools, in Villiers School, Transition Year is considered a mandatory step in our students’ progression through the school. All Villiers students are expected to complete Transition Year prior to moving on to Senior Cycle.

TY offers students the opportunity to mature and develop without the pressure of examinations, and helps students to prepare for the ever-changing demands of the adult world of work, further and higher education and relationships.

The aim of the Transition Year Programme is to promote the personal, emotional, social, aesthetic, vocational and educational development of students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society. At Villiers, there is a strong emphasis on guiding students towards taking responsibility for their own learning. Active and experimental learning strategies help students to develop a range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, enabling students to broaden their educational experiences beyond the classroom. Transition Year students in Villiers School are assessed by continuous assessment and reporting.

Academic Subjects

All students in the Villiers School Transition Year Programme study the core curriculum subjects, English and Mathematics, as well as their choice of Modern European Language, either French or German. Irish students also continue their studies of the Irish language (Gaeilge). International students study Irish Cultural Studies.

Students also have the opportunity to sample the Leaving Certificate choice subjects which they may be considering for Senior Cycle, over three twelve-week periods. Leaving Certificate subjects available in Villiers can be found here.

Non-Academic Subjects

All students participate in Physical Education, a Social, Personal and Health Education Programme and a Careers Programme, which includes two weeks of practical work experience.

Transition Year also offers a variety of Modules, which vary from year to year, with staff introducing new innovations consistently. Modules include subjects such as Car Maintenance, Driving Theory, Enterprise, Origami, Junk Kouture, Aberdeen Angus Schools Competition, Green Schools, Whizzkids, Active Schools, Gardening, Photography, Yoga, Pilates, etc. Modules give students the opportunity to work as part of a team, practice their organisational skills, develop public speaking expertise, increase confidence and offer other personal development opportunities.

Outdoor Pursuits

Students in Transition Year participate in a number of excursions and Outdoor Pursuits throughout the year, within the local area, including Orienteering, Hiking, Surfing, Mountain Biking and Kayaking.

During the final term of the TY Programme, students typically spend one week in Achill Island, participating in group team-building activities, as well as Rock Climbing, Paddle Boarding, Surfing and Orienteering.