The Library

The home of Villiers School library is within the stunning interiors of Derravoher House. The library is managed by a full time librarian, Ms. Julia Nicolas, BA MSc Information and Library Studies.

Students can use the facilities each lunchtime and after school Monday to Thursday until 5.30pm.

The aim of the School Library is to promote reading for pleasure, to help develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills, to encourage independent research and to facilitate study sessions for Senior Cycle students.

Resources available:

  • A non-fiction collection covering all aspects of the curriculum
  • A regularly updated fiction collection
  • A wide variety of magazines on an array of topics
  • Study desks
  • Computers with Internet access for research purposes
  • Wifi
  • Printing Facilities
  • Full time librarian

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is promoted throughout the school and students are warned against the dangers of plagiarism. Villiers School follows the Harvard style of citing and referencing. The librarian can provide support in this area should a student require it.

The Extended Essay

The Extended Essay (EE) is coordinated by the librarian. IB students have EE classes in which necessary skills are introduced and developed. Such skills include: the development of an adequate research question; the means to conduct research effectively; the mastering of academic writing and referencing.

Suggested Summer Reading List 2022