“I joined Villiers in September 2018 to do TY. At this stage, I thought I would stay here just for one year and then I would go back to Germany.  Fortunately, I’m still here and an IB student. I started with TY and when I was considering staying here, I swapped to ITY (Independent Transition Year). I was more interested in the topics we talked about in class and the way we learned different things about them. For example, instead of the teacher telling us what to write about in our essays, we had the freedom to choose the topics ourselves. Over the year, I improved my English skills and I prepared myself for IB. Now, I have started the IBDP and of course, I have to study more and I have to work more independently, but it’s nice to see the progress and the improvement. In IB, we are working with ManageBac, which really helps me because I am able to stay in contact with my teachers. But not only can I contact them, I can also submit my homework. For instance, I work on my laptop a lot which makes it easier to keep up with all the work. I genuinely don’t regret coming back and it’s also nice to see all my friends from last year.”

Yara – Germany (2019)

“From Transition Year I have learned a lot of things. There are many activities that we did, for example guest lectures, a fashion show, a drama, and work experience that both prepared us for future careers and developed our communications skills.  Alongside this, we had many subjects to choose from that are very interesting, such as Food Safety, Enterprise, Origami and many more. We got to do so many things that explored new and different ways of learning.  All the activities were really enjoyable and developed our skills.  It’s a fantastic year to learn new things and to have time to think about Senior Cycle.” 

Pitsinee – Thailand (2019)

“My first time in Villiers school was very impressive. There are many facilities such as a hockey pitch, rugby pitch and a gym. This school, they are the only boarding school in Limerick. They also take foreign students. Every year foreign students come here for experience and improve their English language. The school system is perfectly organised. School day, we study 9 classes, each class has 40 mins. We start at 9 o’clock in the morning and finish at 3.50 in the afternoon. During the day we have two breaks time. First break is 15 mins and the second break is 35mins (lunch). After school, we have choice, we can do sport which is rugby, rugby, gym, and we also can use library. Then the boarder will have dinner at 5.30, then we have prep after that. Student who  stay in the school at the weekend will have activities for example on Saturday we have fencing, art and cooking whereas on Sunday the school bring us to the activities place which is not in the school. They are paintballing, karting, surfing, etc.”

Scott (Korathan) – Thailand – Alumna 2020

“It has been an extraordinary experience to be a part of the Villiers community.  On my first day of school, I said to myself that it would be extremely difficult to make friends, but I was wrong. The minute I came, I made friends.  It was easy because everyone is so open and social. The dorm is clean and very comfortable, and the food is delicious.  My favourite part of the school is the dorm because I can hang out with my friends and relax.  I like every subject. I picked them for a reason, but my favourites are PE, Biology and Chemistry. I like PE because I love to play football (the main reason why I came here is so I can train).  I like Biology and Chemistry because I’m good at them and because I love science in general.”

Billy (Belgutei) – MongoliaAlumna 2019

“I graduated from Villliers in 2016. Now I am a second-year college student in NUI Galway. Although almost two years have passed, those days in Villiers are still some of the happiest moments in my life. Of course, when I think about my favourite time in Villiers, it has to be Transition Year.  Through a variety of school activities, such as hiking, long walks, and organized trips for international students to see Ireland’s historic sites, my English skills improved.  I also met my best friend in Secondary School and had an initial understanding of Ireland. I was a boarder and only went to a host family every two weeks. However, my life at Villiers was fantastic. There were various activities during weekends, such as cooking classes and art classes, as well as trips for boarders on a Sunday afternoon.  We did horse riding, watched movies, played paintball and so on.  I think we did all the fun things during those weekends. Also living with friends every day will let you have a group of very important friends in your life.  Most boarders during weekends are also international students. It is a pleasure to talk to them because they helped me to understand different people and cultures from different countries.   I am very grateful to those teachers and friends who have helped me.  Villiers has given me a very beautiful experience and memory.”

Qilei – ChinaAlumna 2016

“So far I have been in this school for over two years and from my own experience I can say that Villiers is a very good school with a lot of nice teachers and a lot of kind and polite students. On my first days in this school, my classmates helped me a lot by introducing me to teachers and showed me where all the classrooms are. I like the teachers in this school because they always help students if they are struggling at any subjects or if they need help. I am very happy to be a member of Villiers school and I widely recommend it.”

ArtemUkraine – Alumna 2020

“I am really happy to write some lines about my favourite school in Ireland.  I am very grateful to Villiers, and the wonderful mark that you leave on our children, beyond the academic. In the case of my son Carlos, and the following year my daughter Pilibel, who lived a full year in Villiers as boarding students, I can never be sufficiently grateful, because you knew how to fulfil a very important role in their lives, giving them the love and support that we could only give them from Spain. My husband and I will always take you in our hearts, but my children can also proudly say that they are part of the wonderful Villiers family.”

Pilar – SpainParent

“Our son was in Villiers during year 2018-2019 in Form I.  It is difficult when you take the decision to send your son the whole year to a different country, to decide which one is the right place, the right school, how to be sure that he will receive the adequate care, security and good academic level.  We were really nervous before starting this adventure, but I have to say, that we couldn´t choose better really. Villiers School has been the best option we could chose, and we will recommend it completely and with all our heart. We have felt during the whole year that our son was completely secure, protected, with all the possible cares and love that someone needs when they are away and homesick.  We have felt the School cares about the students with an integral and complete view, as persons and as students. Villiers School is a great place to have this experience. We completely recommend it, in fact, I hope we can send also our daughters in the following years! Thanks Villiers!”

Berta – Spain – Parent

“Before I came to Ireland, I didn’t really know what to expect. I took a bus from the Dublin Airport to Limerick. My agent/guardian Nora was already waiting for me at the bus station at Arthurs Quay. She brought me to the School, where I visited my dorm where I was going to stay for the next four months. Every night I slept very well in my bed. The dorm became kind of a second home for me. On the Saturdays we usually went to town and on three weekends we had fencing lessons. The Sundays we always had a great activity like carting, mini golfing, sports and escape rooms.  Time began to fly by with the interruption of some highlights like the Fashion Show, trips to the Lough Derg Yacht Club, the Burren Outdoor Education Centre and a Hike to O`Briens Bridge. I really enjoyed the caving and rock climbing in the Burren. The nature there is amazing and it was great fun. Also the sailing and kayaking at the Lough Derg Yacht Club was a defining experience for me.  Especially the fashion show let me grow my self-confidence. Now, I have only one more week left here in Ireland. I feel sad to leave all the friends I made here but on the other hand I am also looking a bit forward to go back home. I was always treated nicely here and I find it hard to go back home and leave all the friends I made behind. I felt very comfortable in these four months here and in total the time here in Ireland in the Villiers School was a memorable experience for me and I would really recommend it.”

Jonas – Germany – 2019