IBDP Subjects

The Core

IBDP students are expected to study the core elements of:

IBDP Subject Options

IBDP Students choose one subject from each of Groups 1-6 below, for a total of six IB subjects. Students study three subjects at Higher Level (HL) and three subjects at Standard Level (SL).

Studies in Language and Literature (Group 1)

Language and Literature A courses are intended for a student’s native language. For students who have more than one native language, i.e., English and another language, it is possible to pursue a Bilingual IB Diploma.

Language Acquisition (Group 2)

Language B courses are intended for students who have had some previous experience of learning the language. They may be studied at either higher level or standard level.

  • English B
  • French B
  • German B
  • Spanish B

Language ab initio courses are for beginners (that is, students who have little or no previous experience of learning the language they have chosen). These courses are only available at standard level.

  • French ab initio
  • Spanish ab initio

Note: The language of instruction in Villiers School is English, therefore all students are expected to study the English language. Students whose native language is English will study English Language & Literature A in Group 1. Students whose native language is not English will study their Native Language A (School-Supported Self-Taught) in Group 1 and English B in Group 2.

Individuals and Societies (Group 3)

Sciences (Group 4)

Mathematics (Group 5)

  • Mathematics: Applications & Interpretations SL
  • Mathematics: Applications & Interpretations HL
  • Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches SL
  • Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches HL

Please note, Villiers School will endeavour to offer two of the above Mathematics options to each IBDP cohort of students. The options available will be decided in consultation with enrolled students. We will aim to meet the majority of student preferences in making this decision. If a student’s first choice of Mathematics is not available in-house, the student may apply to study this as an online subject through Pamoja Education. Subjects studied through Pamoja Education carry additional fees.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) have outlined that IB World School graduates who study DP mathematics courses at Standard Level (SL) must also have studied an additional 16-hour module on ‘vectors’ to be able to access all subject areas of higher education, in particular in Germany. Villiers School has committed to teach this 16-hour module on ‘vectors’ in addition to the current DP mathematics SL curriculum.

The Arts (Group 6)

Visual Arts or another subject from Groups 2-4

Additional Subjects / Pamoja Education

To further augment the range of subjects available, Villiers has also established links with Pamoja Education: (see http://www.pamojaeducation.com/ for further details and conditions).

Subjects studied through Pamoja Education carry additional fees.