We use Studyclix!

We are delighted to announce that Villiers has purchased Studyclix access for all students in Villiers School.

Essentially, Studyclix.ie is an Irish study website which helps students to learn, study, revise and test themselves using questions, videos, notes and quizzes. It is a fabulous way for parents and guardians to engage with their students’ learning, as well as encouraging independent learning.

To avail of this highly recommended resource, students are required to create a personal account on www.studyclix.ie and enter the code we have provided in class and to parents and guardians. If students have any questions or queries about their account, or how to use the code, then please contact the Studyclix support team at info@studyclix.ie.

This is a really useful investment by the school. It will aid our students in all year groups with their studies and the teaching staff strongly encourage making use of Studyclix. Many teachers will also be using the resource in class.

Leaving Certificate final year students can also avail of premium access to Studyclix!