School Policies

We hope that having the opportunity to read our school policies will give you a deeper insight and understanding of the high standards we wish to uphold for the benefit of all in the Villiers family.

Please remember that these policies are updated regularly and the majority are developed in consultation with staff, students through the Student Council, parents and guardians, through the Parent Teacher Association committee, and school management though the middle and senior management team as well as both the Boards of Management and Governors.

Villiers School key policies are available to download below:

Acceptable Usage Policy

Admissions Notice 2024-2025

Admissions Policy 2024-2025

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Racism Policy

Assessment Policy

Boarding Handbook 2023-2024

CCTV Policy

Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment 2023-2024

Code of Behaviour 2023-2024

Critical Incident Student Support Policy

Data Privacy Notice for Students and Parents

Data Protection Policy

Day Boarding Guidelines

Dress Code and Uniform Policy 2024

Extra Curricular Policy

Digital Learning Plan

Guardianship Policy 2024

Inclusion Policy

Intimate Care Needs Policy

Language Policy

Library Policy

Medication Management Policy 2023-2024

Parent Handbook

Protected Disclosures Policy

RSE Policy

SEN Policy

Trips Away Policy

Wellbeing Policy