Scholarship Exam

Our scholarship exam is held each year on a Saturday in May. We ask that all incoming Form I students complete this exam as we use it not only as a means to award scholarships but also to gain some insight into each student’s learning style prior to their joining the school.

Students take exams in five subject areas: English, Maths (standardised testing is used in both these subjects), Irish, History and Geography. Past papers are available here for Irish, History and Geography. Please note these are for reference and familiarization purposes only, we do not expect primary school students to go to lengths to prepare for these exams.

Scholarships of €1000 per annum (for six years) are awarded to one student in each of four categories:

  • Boarder Girl
  • Boarder Boy
  • Day Girl
  • Day Boy

Our Form I students typically come from more than 35 primary schools, hence the scholarship exam is one of the indicators we use to help ensure our students are placed in mixed ability classes when they take up their places in Villiers.

It is important to note that our school has an open admissions policy and the scholarship exam is not used as a means to exclude any students or to withdraw an offer of a place in Villiers.