Pastoral Care

Villiers is very proud and appreciative of the level of engagement between staff and students in the holistic concept of education, and the strong sense of support that exists for each individual within the education system.

The pastoral care structure at Villiers School ranges from all school staff in a ‘duty of care’ context to specific and defined responsibility among particular groups.

At junior level, dedication of a Form Tutor ensures continuity of pastoral care while students move through the Junior Cycle. A separate Tutorial Team is assigned to the care of Transition Year.  Senior students then have designated Tutors and Year Heads who oversee their wellbeing throughout Forms V and VI.

Form Prefects are senior students, whose role is to help pupils find their place comfortably in the School community. Prefects should be the first port of call for everyday worries or concerns.

The primary responsibility of the school chaplain is to provide spiritual support to staff and students in the school.  This involves bringing a ‘faith-presence’ to the school, and working with the staff in carrying out this role within the school community, extending to the wider parish community. 

School Chaplain

The school chaplain’s role includes:

  • Teaching religious education
  • Organising prayer services and school retreats
  • Meeting students individually, in the role of spiritual guide and faith friend
  • Working closely with the pastoral care team in the school
  • Promotion of apostolic activities within the school
  • Building a school community permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love

Additional support is offered to students who may be experiencing difficulties.  This may be initiated by either the student or the chaplain.

To contact the school chaplain, Brother Graham Sawyer, please call +353 61 451447 or email

Other staff who provide pastoral support include:

  • Teaching Staff
  • Residential / Boarding Staff
  • Nursing Staff
  • SEN Staff