Lunch, Day Boarding & Study


Lunch, Day Boarding and Study Options can now be booked and paid for online.

Places are limited and are allocated on a ‘first come-first served’ basis. Please note that having a place in 2023-2024 academic year does not automatically guarantee a place in 2024-2025.

In particular, school lunch is very popular and was at capacity in 2023-2024.

To ensure availability of places, we encourage you to book your place prior to Monday 1st of July 2024.

Refunds will not be considered unless cancellations are submitted to the Bursar promptly and in writing.


Lunch is served five days a week in the Dining Hall. Lunch includes a hot meal, and a selection of salads and fruit. Soup is also available, with a variety of bread options.

Takeaway lunch option is also available.

The annual fee for Lunch is €935.

We cater to a range of dietary requirements on request. Please indicate any dietary requirements on the booking and payment form below.

Day students who do not wish to take school lunches may bring a packed lunch from home. Microwaves are available for students to use. Lunch and snack items are also available to purchase from the School Café.

If you wish to pay for Lunch fees in instalments, please contact the School Bursar, Ian Jacob to discuss.

Afternoon Study

Afternoon Study is available from 4.15pm to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 3.15pm to 5.00pm Friday.

A €65 annual fee applies for each day of the week, i.e., one day of study per week is €65, two days is €130, three days is €195, four days is €260, five days is €325. Please adjust the quantity for the number of days, and indicate which days your student will attend on the booking form below.

Day Boarding

There are three Day Boarding options available.

  • Study Only – Annual fee of €625
  • Dinner & Study – Annual fee of €1,270
  • Lunch, Dinner & Study – Annual fee of €2,200

Day boarding helps students to achieve a positive work-study-recreation balance, encourages silent study, exercise and socialization. Additionally, for working parents, day boarding offers a suitable solution to bridge the gap between school hours and working hours.

When class-time ends at 3.50pm, both boarders and day boarders are encouraged to participate either in an extra-curricular activity or afternoon study.  Monday to Thursday, dinner is served at 5.30pm.

Prep commences at 6.15 pm for Form VI students and at 6.45 pm for all other years. There are five prep locations, each supervised by a staff member. Silent study is encouraged. Evening collection time for day boarders is 8.15pm for Form I students, 9.00pm for Form II and Form IV, and 9.30pm for Form III, Form V and Form VI.

All day boarders are expected to be on school premises until the end of their evening prep. If they need to leave the school for any reason, they must have approved parental permission and must sign out with the teacher on duty or the office.

All Supervised Study and Weekend and Holiday Study Options are included in Day Boarding Fees.

We cater to a range of dietary requirements on request. Please indicate any dietary requirements on the booking form below.

If you wish to book Day Boarding for only certain days of the week, or to pay for Day Boarding fees in instalments, please contact the School Bursar, Ian Jacob to discuss.

Weekend & Holiday Study

Supervised Study is available most Saturdays, as well as certain days during school holidays, including the October Mid Term Break, the Christmas Holidays and the Easter Holidays.

There is no supervised study during the February Mid Term Break. This week is typically after the mock exams for Forms III & VI and this is a good time for students to take a break before returning to School.

As we approach state examinations, Supervised Study will also be available on some Sundays.

Weekend and Holiday Study is only available to students in Form III, Form V and Form VI.

Form III study is from 9.30am to 3.20pm, Form V and Form VI study is from 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Students are recommended to bring a packed lunch. Students have two breaks of 20 minutes and 60 minutes, and they may go to the local shops at lunchtime. Students are not permitted to order takeaways to be delivered to the school.

Weekend and Holiday Study may be paid in advance at an annual fee of €180, or based on attendance, at €5 per study day. To pay in advance, please complete the booking form below.