Learning Support

In Villiers, each student should have the support needed to access, participate in and benefit from their education.

We aim to provide an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their learning style, first language or any other learning need, and to ensure that this inclusive approach will allow each student to develop a sense of belonging to the school and the wider community. 

In this regard, our key objectives are as follows:

  • To support students who have any form of special educational need and to minimise its impact on their education and development, thus fostering positive self-esteem
  • To promote an environment which meets students’ learning, physical, social, emotional and sensory needs
  • To acknowledge and support each student’s role in the school community
  • To give priority to the nurturing of positive teaching and learning relationships
  • To recognise individual talents and abilities
  • To promote strong collaborative relationships between students, staff, parents/guardians and support agencies
  • To ensure that every student has access to as wide a curriculum as possible, with the goal to sit traditional state examinations – the Junior Cycle, the Leaving Certificate or, where relevant, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • To integrate all students socially and academically
  • To encourage and facilitate continued professional development of all staff, in order to maintain a wholly inclusive environment

Core Team

Students with additional needs are overseen by department heads in the following areas:

Special Educational Needs – Ms. Marella Moloney, Special Educational Needs Coordinator

English as an Additional Language – Mr. Shane Hanna, International Student Director and IB Coordinator

Any member of our core team will be happy to liaise with you to ensure we can put the best possible plan in place to optimise each student’s learning and opportunity whilst in Villiers and beyond.