The Junk Kouture Wild Card Vote

Please vote!

Each year, our Transition Year students, under the guidance of Ms. Jean Thornton, take to the stage and compete in a sustainable youth fashion competition. In 2022, Junk Kouture has gone global, and this year’s final consists of 60 teams, featuring designs from Abu Dhabi, London, Milan, New York and Paris.

Villiers’ student Maya Silasi’s design “Open Book” has been chosen as the RTÉ Wild Card South, and the vote is now open to get Maya, Ms. Thornton, and the team to Dubai!


The vote is open until Thursday June 2nd 2022, and you can vote as many times as you like!

“The roses made out of used books, symbolizes that even if something is old and used, there can still be growth and development and from knowledge and books comes personal growth and development.”

“I wanted to keep the original colour of paper because I didn’t wanted to symbolize that natural thing don’t need to be covered up and masked. Every rose is made by hand.”

“I used old and used books for the roses and for a layer on the skirt and top. For the skirt I used an old sheet and covered it in paper and then glued roses on top. Some of the roses on the top are burned with a lighter to differentiate them from the bottom and to add more texture. The whole dress took about 10 to 12 weeks in total.”

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