Inspection Reports

All schools within the Irish Education system are regularly reviewed and inspected by the Irish Department of Education and Skills which oversees and regulates schools and universities and colleges in Ireland at both primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Whole School Evaluation

The most comprehensive of these inspections is called a Whole School Evaluation – Management, Leadership and Learning (WSE-MLL).  Schools can expect to have a WSE-MLL review carried out approximately once every seven years. Our school concluded our most recent WSE-MLL in December 2018 and we were delighted and motivated by the resounding endorsement the Department of Education and Skills gave to Villiers, firmly placing us as a school at the forefront of education in Ireland.

We particularly appreciated the understanding of Villiers School and of the family-like environment we maintain and develop for our students and staff. The WSE-MLL report very positively recognised the commitment of all stakeholders in the school community, including senior management, teaching staff, parents, guardians and students.

We appreciated the use of words and phrases such as ‘exceptional’, ‘exemplary’, ‘progressive’, ‘excellent’, ‘proactive’, ‘like a family’, ‘outstanding’, ‘inclusive’ being used throughout the report.

Villiers strives to be an academically excellent environment, offering a high quality, caring and individualized educational opportunity for our student body and in particular the recognition of the following:

  • A very strong culture, where the school’s values are modelled by staff and inculcated in the students, coupled with an exceptional level of volunteerism among staff.
  • Management and leadership of the school of very high quality, with change being implemented strategically over time and school development being led by the senior management team in a very effective manner.
  • Very high standard of teaching and learning
  • Students high levels of engagement and exemplary behaviour

The full report can be read here.

Subject Specific Evaluations

The Department of Education and Skills also carry out intermittent subject specific evaluations. These are much smaller inspections and focus exclusively on the provision of teaching and learning in individual subject areas. These can be accessed below.

The links below are to our subject reports:

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