Independent Transition Year

Independent Transition Year (ITY) is a 1-year-programme which combines the traditional TY programme with a Pre-IB year.

The ITY programme should be of particular interest to students who are considering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Senior Cycle, and to any other student looking for a more challenging, academically rigorous TY experience.

Students will be expected to have attained a minimum of a B1 CEFR in English and be a minimum of 15 years of age to participate in the ITY programme.

  • Students study the following core subjects: English Language & Literature; a Modern Language; and Mathematics.
  • Irish is compulsory for all students who have studied it at Junior Cycle.
  • Students choose two additional ITY choice subjects from a selection of: Art; Biology; Business and Management; History; Physics; and Chemistry.

Furthermore, ITY students are required to complete an Extended Essay (EE) within the Academic Year, achieve the Gáisce Bronze Award and submit a Reflective Report on this experience.

The Extended Essay (EE) is expected to be approximately 1500 words and requires independent research related to a subject of their choice.

The Bronze Gáisce Award aims to reward students who set and achieve a demanding challenge for themselves in four different areas:

  • Community involvement, e.g. helping older people, learning first aid, or lifesaving.
  • Personal skill, e.g. learning a musical instrument, computer skills or driving.
  • Physical recreation, e.g. swimming, football or tennis.
  • Adventure journey, e.g. a cycling, canoeing or hiking group trip.

While all TY students are encouraged to participate in Gaisce, it is a required component for ITY students.

ITY students also also enabled, expected and encouraged to participate in all the other options and modules available in Transition Year.