Here we Grow!

Spanish has been added to our IBDP subject offering!

Since Villiers’ authorisation as an IB World School in March 2017, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) has grown from five students in our first cohort, the graduating class of 2020, to twenty students in our fourth cohort, the current DP Year 1 class. We are very proud to have a 100% graduation rate for both the class of 2020 and the class of 2021.  Our average DP results are consistent with global IB average results, with Villiers students achieving an overall average of 33 points, and an average grade of 5.25.

Villiers School is fortunate to have growing numbers of students joining our DP class from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, all of which adds to the intrinsic diversity that we value and foster within our school community. We are committed to continuing to grow the IB Diploma Programme as an international alternative to the traditional Irish Leaving Certificate within our school and are delighted to complement this continued growth with an expansion of our IB subject offering.

We are delighted to welcome Fandy Diney Rosero to the Villiers School IB team, and to add Spanish B and Spanish Ab Initio to our Group 2: Language Acquisition offering (along with English B, German B, French B and French Ab Initio). Fandy will also supervise the self-taught Group 1: Language A: Literature programme for our native Spanish language students.

Fandy is a proactive international educator with 18 years of work experience facilitating linguistic and intercultural competence around the world. 

She is an International Baccalaureate Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member for the IB Educators Network. Fandy has worked in Korea, Italy, Uganda, and China, supporting pupils and teachers of multiple nationalities, diverse social identities and cultural backgrounds.  She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and is currently working towards an MA in Education.

Fandy is committed to building a culture of inclusion and belonging through a holistic approach to learning. Fandy’s approach to iDEIJ is based in the Holistic Learning Inquiry Cycle to explore language, bias, intercultural competence, racial literacy, anti-racism, and global citizenship education. Fandy is a member of the Race Advisory Council of the DUC Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion. As a founding member of the DEIJ committee of the Association of Educators and Leaders of Color. She is currently working on AEILOC’s iDEIJ Continuum for International Schools.

“We are delighted to welcome Ms Rosero to the Villiers IBDP and to the Villiers family. She brings a wealth of experience, having worked in IB schools all over the world. We are already seeing her impact in Villiers. Each year, we plan to further expand our IB programme to ensure our students have access to a wider programme, in keeping with our educational goals.”

Headmistress, Ms. Storey