Celebrating Triumph in Newswriting!

First prize in the NewsBrands Press Pass Awards: Newswriting Category, for TY student Art Thornbury!

We at Villiers School are overjoyed to celebrate the remarkable achievement of one of our Transition Year students, Art Thornbury, in winning first prize in the prestigious Press Pass student competition in the category of Newswriting. This achievement reflects Art’s exceptional talent and dedication.

The Press Pass competition, organized by NewsBrands Ireland, serves as a platform for aspiring young journalists to showcase their writing prowess and journalistic acumen. Competing against talented individuals from across the country, Art’s victory is a testament to his exceptional skills in crafting compelling narratives and his keen insight into the world of news reporting.

Art’s accomplishment is particularly noteworthy as it comes at a time when the field of journalism is undergoing significant transformation. In an era where the dissemination of information is more rapid and diverse than ever before, Art’s ability to navigate through the complexities of modern media landscapes demonstrates not only his talent but also his adaptability and vision. Art’s success in the Press Pass competition is also a testament to the commitment of his teacher Ms O’Donoghue.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Art on this outstanding achievement. Your passion and talent have brought honour not only to yourself but also to our school. We have no doubt that your future in journalism is exceptionally bright, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions you will undoubtedly make to the field.

Once again, congratulations, Art! You have made us all immensely proud.

Link to the Irish Mirror article for further reading.

Read Art’s submission here.