Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Villiers School is committed to ensuring a truly inclusive environment for all members of our school family.

Creating a truly inclusive school culture is the responsibility of each member of the Villiers School family, whether board member, school leader, school staff member, student, parent or guardian.

We have linked with Inclusion Labs, an education consultancy firm, to help us to embed these principles as part of the every day, lived, experience for all members of our school community, regardless of race, gender, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation and disability.

Our school ethos is that Villiers:
‘…recognises, supports and endeavours to accommodate the right of the student to learn in an educationally conducive environment, regardless of innate ability, family/social circumstances or religious affiliation… Villiers School aims to ensure that the educational, emotional, spiritual, psychological and moral welfare of each individual student is provided for, while encouraging at all times the co-operation and assistance of parents / guardians of the students.’

Letter of Commitment

EDI Focus 2021-2022

  • EDI training and development programmes for staff.
  • EDI lead staff members have been appointed.
  • A collaborative group has been formed, comprising of dedicated staff members.
  • A working group has been formed, which includes members from the Board of Management and Parent Teacher Association, the staff collaborative group and, perhaps most importantly, student representatives.
  • Our student representatives are spokespeople for various student affinity groups within the school community.
  • In November 2021, Inclusion Labs will help us to conduct an anonymised audit of students, staff and parents. The purpose of this audit is to highlight our strengths and weaknesses and provide us with quantifiable information on areas we most need to give our focus.
  • A calendar of EDI events throughout the school year is being collated, each of which will provide invaluable educational opportunities in the area of EDI.

EDI Blog