Day Boarding

Day boarding at Villiers enables students to maximise their participation in School life, as well as maximising their performance in exams.

Day boarding helps students to achieve a positive work-study-recreation balance, encourages silent study, exercise and socialization. Additionally, for working parents, day boarding offers a suitable solution to bridge the gap between school hours and working hours.

Day boarders have almost exactly the same conditions in the School as residential boarders, except they do not sleep, have access to the dormitories or have breakfast in School. Rules for sign-out may also differ for day boarding students. They adhere to School rules and processes in the same way as residential boarders.

When class-time ends at 3.40 pm, both boarders and day boarders are encouraged to participate either in an extra-curricular activity or afternoon study.  Monday to Thursday, dinner is served at 5:30pm.

Prep commences at 6.15 pm for Form VI students and at 6.45 pm for all other years. There are five prep locations, each supervised by a staff member. Silent study is encouraged.

Form I6.45pm8.15pm
Form II & IV6.45pm9.00pm
Form III & V6.45pm9.30pm
Form VI6.15pm9.30pm

Supper is served at 8:15pm, where students avail of a fifteen-minute break and a snack. With the exception of Form I, students return to their prep rooms at 8:30pm sharp, and depending on year group, will work until 9:00pm or 9:30pm.

Saturday Supervised Study is also included in Day Boarding Fees.

For further information, please see the Day Boarding Guide or contact our School Bursar, Ian Jacob at You can also book meals, study and day boarding options by returning the below form to our School Bursar.