Catering Update

Introducing our new catering partner!

Summer is always an exciting time in Villiers, as each summer we undertake a number of projects, and we always look forward to the impact these projects will have on our school community in the new academic year. This summer, one of the more significant projects we have undertaken is to make some changes to the catering service we provide to students who take their meals in Villiers. 

Therefore, we are delighted to introduce our new catering partner, Brook Foods by Baxter Storey. The impact of this change for the day-to-day running of the school is that the dining hall will be under new management. While many of the same kitchen staff will remain, there will also be some new faces. There may also be some new procedures in place for the dining hall at mealtimes as well as some exciting menu innovations.

We hope that this change will have a positive impact on our school community and we look forward to hearing feedback from students as the academic year progresses!