Our vibrant boarding community lies at the heart of our school. Irish students seamlessly mix with students from around the world. Our boarders are able to live, work and socialise together, sharing all aspects of school and boarding life.

Boarding enables our students to gain individual autonomy while simultaneously learning to live and interact with others. Our aim is for our boarding graduates to complete their Villiers journey as young adults who are confident in their ability to communicate readily and easily with those from different cultures and backgrounds and who are ready to take their place in an interconnected, globalised world.

Boarders appreciate what it means to be part of a highly supportive community and actively encourage each other to achieve their potential. Living and growing together, students understand how their actions affect others; they learn to be considerate and tolerant of different views as well as resilient to the challenges that life and learning can bring.

At Villiers, we are extremely proud of the rich cultural diversity of our boarding house, which although predominately Irish, enjoys and celebrates the cultural richness of students from many nationalities.

Villiers School is an affiliate member of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) 2020/2021.

More information about day to day boarding life can be found in our Boarding Handbook.

Boarding Staff

Audrey Yeoman – Head of Boys Boarding

Vivienne Long – Head of Girls Boarding

Stephanie Halpin

Aamir Khan

Brian Sheehan

Gerard Peña

Nursing Staff

Nurse Beverley Callendar

Nurse Barbara Fitzpatrick

Boarding Life and Care for Students

The school is home to 140 boarders, boys and girls aged between 12 and 18. The school is also home to our Headmistress and her family, as well as our school Chaplain.  In addition to this, we have full time boarding staff, who stay within the boarding houses. Under their expert care, pupils are encouraged to develop academically, socially and to participate in all aspects of their extracurricular life. Our school nurses are on hand to care for the pupils’ welfare and practical needs whilst in our care.

The Villiers boarding experience is further strengthened by a unique teacher involvement in the care of our boarders. Typically, teachers are on hand until bedtime each day, enabling the development of strong connections and understanding between staff and students.

This cohesive, family environment is fostered by the traditional system of in-house dining. The boarding community eat meals together three times a day, providing a chance to chat about the latest events, relax with their friends and for staff to keep abreast of any concerns a student might have. Our school caterers are happy to provide tailored meals for those with specific dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, Halal and coeliac friendly options, which are available for each meal.

Accommodation varies slightly in each dormitory, and typically boarders are accommodated within rooms that accommodate between 4-8 students.

The essence of Villiers is our inclusive family based community. We aim that students of all ages, boarders and day students alike are thoroughly immersed in the Villiers family. We are wholeheartedly committed to providing a safe, caring, welcoming and friendly atmosphere in which both individuality and community mindedness will flourish.

Weekly, Fortnightly and Termly Boarding

Whilst the majority of our boarders are weekly boarders who reside in school from Sunday evenings to Friday afternoons, many boarding choose to become fortnightly boarders and remain in school every alternative weekend. This is particularly popular with senior cycle Irish students, and students travelling a farther distance to school.

Historically, up to and including the academic year 2020-2021, international students choose the fortnightly boarding option and stay with local host families at weekends when not in school. We collaborate with a number of local guardianship providers to ensure that this is an uplifting and enriching experience for both students and host families.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, Villiers will offer termly 7-day boarding to our growing numbers of international students, featuring residential weekends during term time, closing only for October Mid-Term Break, Christmas Holidays, February Mid-Term Break, Easter Holidays and Summer Holidays.

During residential weekends we try to strike a balance between rest and relaxation time, as well as structured and organized activities. On Saturdays, students partake in their choice of activity, most recently these have included cookery classes, craft metalwork classes and fencing.  On Sundays, the students are taken on an excursion outside of the school. Over the course of an academic year we aim to visit a mix of cultural and historical sites, as well as introducing the students to various outdoor pursuits.

Day Boarding

Day boarding is also a popular option with students living in the locality and many chose to spend their waking hours in Villiers, engaging in all the routines and activities of the boarders, but sleeping at home with their families.