Accommodation in Boarding

Accommodation varies slightly in each dormitory, and typically boarders are accommodated within rooms that accommodate between 4-8 students.

In Villiers, we have student accommodation in four boarding houses, all of which are located on site.

  • Barrington House
  • Lansdowne House
  • Glendower House
  • Riverview House

Typically, accommodation is assigned by year group, taking into account cultural and language diversity.

In 2020, the boarding house was extended with the addition of Barrington House. In 2021, renovations were completed in Lansdowne House and Riverview House. Refurbishments continued in Glendower House in the summer of 2022. All dormitories have been fitted with new mattresses within the last two years. Villiers is committed to continuous improvement of our boarding facilities, to ensure the most up-to-date facilities for our boarding students, in their home away from home.

Boarding House Accommodation

Barrington House

Riverview House and Lansdowne House

Glendower House

Villiers School is an affiliate member of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA).