This Week at Villiers

17th - 23rd October 2022

Monday 17th of October

Form IM Standardised Testing at 9am

Form IN Standardised Testing at 11.15am

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Tuesday 18th of October

Rugby U15 Boys’ v Clonmel (away) – Leaving at 9am

Hockey Form I Girls’ v Laurel Hill (away) – Leaving at 10.35am

Team Hope Bake Sale at 11am

Rugby U18 Boys’ v Ard Scoil Rís (here) at 12.35pm

Anti Slavery Day

Wednesday 19th of October

One Good School Conference

International Pronouns Day

Rugby Senior & Junior Boys’ v Bantry (away) – Leaving at 9am

Hockey Senior B Girls’ v Crescent Comprehensive (here) at 9am

Hockey Senior C Girls’ v Crescent Comprehensive (here) at 11am

Hockey Junior A Girls’ v Kilkenny (here) at 1pm

Hockey Junior C Girls’ v Kilkenny (here) at 2.15pm

Thursday 20th of October

Form I, II, III Wellbeing Trips away

Form IV Gaisce Trip away

Friday 21st of October

Whole School Assembly at 8.50am

Form IV Gaisce Trip away (continued)

Form IP Standardised Testing at 9am

Form IQ Standardised Testing at 11.15am

Saturday 22nd of October

Saturday Supervised Study – 9.30am to 5pm

In the Dining Hall

Extra Curricular Activities Schedule

The schedule for sports can be accessed here:

The schedule for clubs & societies can be accessed here:

Next Week

Friday 21st of October – Form I vaccinations

Monday 24th of October – Form III exams begin

Monday 24th of October – Diwali (Hinduism)

Tuesday 25th of October – Form I African Drumming Workshop

Tuesday 25th of October – Leaving Certificate PE trip to High Performance Center

Wednesday 26th of October – Intersex Awareness Day

Friday 28th of October – Mid Term Break begins